ID: 1015 || Validation of a Methodology for Risk Assessment in Social Innovation

Most of the time it is difficult to detect the problems faced by technological innovations and even more so when it is due to the risks that can arise in their life cycle, from cradle to grave. Despite the fact that there are publications that guide the way of technology transfer and the barriers that arise in technological innovation projects, most focus on high technology projects, leaving aside those social innovation projects, which makes it difficult to understanding of the problem and the correct planning of the projects. In this sense, this work addresses the methodology proposed by Cedano and Hernandez (2020), different technology transfer tools that support the analysis in technological intelligence tasks and Peter Checkland’s soft systems methodology, which is designed to work in complex problems that have a large social component. In this way, the aforementioned theoretical elements operate together and in a structured way, which will allow generating knowledge to develop a system that allows the validation of a methodology for risk assessment in social innovation projects on solar energy, formalizing the proposal of solution. Likewise, work is carried out on a relevant environment such as an empowerment project through the use of solar energy in the community of Temixco in which the different aspects proposed by the risk assessment methodology will be validated to identify the differences between projects of high technology, proposed by the base methodology, and social innovation projects. This will facilitate the understanding and identification of discrepancies to propose adjustments and complement the original methodology.


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